LAN of Hobbit

ForceRun and the NG2 are hosting the BYOC House Lan not to be missed!

Located at 1205 22nd Street #313, Marysville, CA 95901. The Lan runs from 2PM Friday 14th of Dec until Saturday 15th of Dec 8PM

Main info at

Contact Nathan at 530-798-9131 or

We are going to have a BYOMBBQ (Bring Your Own Meat BBQ) Saturday, or bring $5 for the burger option.

No cost for the Lan, but bring food or money for food for yourself. Also you need to bring:

Your Computer

25ft Long Cat5 Eithernet Cable

Table and Chair (We might have some extra table space but you need to call ahead to insure a space, no extra chairs sorry)

Sleeping stuff if you are going to sleep.

Games to be played:

Natural Selection 2 ($25 Steam)

Planetside 2 (Free to Play via Steam)

Team Fortress 2 (Free from steam)

TrackMania Nations Forever (Free from Steam)

Sins of a Solar Empire Rebellion

Battlefield 3

Left4Dead 2

Supreme Commander 2

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