D-Day Flatout Lan Wrapup

D-Day Lanners

D-Day Lanners

Sixty-Five years to the day after the historic Allied landings in Normandy, France; we honored the event the best way we knkw now by having a Lan.  Games played: Team Fortress 2, Left 4 Dead, UT3, and Track Mania Nation Forever.  All the games got a lot of game time.  And it got me thinking about how to play the same game differently to bring new life to the game and to have fun at the Lan.  One thing we have always enjoyed is a ‘Bob Attack’, it doesn’t matter on the game, we started doing it back in the Counter-Strike Source days.  Basicly you get the guys at the Lan to change their names to Bob.  Then all at the same time join a server, then just mess with people’s heads as they see 5-10 Bobs join the game.  Then leave the server all at the same time.

Track Mania Nation Forever is one of those games that you either hate or love.  I just don’t get it as I like more arcade style racing games like Flatout, but SilentDeath had a good idea to play the game in cup mode.  This way the server will keep playing through tracks and give 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places based on overall score.  It is a ton of fun just racing the tracks in rounds, as people mess up they drop behind and it is a race to the finish.  So what are some different ways to play games at Lans?

As far as house Lans go we are not playing to have any until after the Intel Lanfest: Sacramento Summer 2009.  http://lanfest.intel.com

Photos for the Lan can be found on Photobucket s239.photobucket.com/albums/ff305/thungsong/2009-06-06%20D-Day%20Flatout%20Lan/

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  1. I can not say I like this game, I think it is really average. It is worth to game but will only keep you having fun for more than a two days. I would recommend that you should try CoD or Diablo 2 for instance.

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